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My web service was created some time back using IBM JAX-RPC. As a part of enhancement, I need to provide some security to the existing service.

One way is to provide a handler, all the request and response will pass through that handler only. In the request I can implement some authentication rules for each and every application/user accessing it.

Other than this, What are the possible ways for securing it?

I have heard someting called wsse security for web service. Is it possible to implement it for the JAX-RPC? Or it can be implemented only for JAX-WS? Need some helpful inputs on the wsse security so that i can jump learning it.

Other than handler and wsse security, any other possible way to make a service secure?

Please help.

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JAX-RPC and Document-Literal are two different ways of creating SOAP webservices. For adding the security, check out OASIS. You have to add the the policy tag and additional layer of encryption to the SOAP message

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