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In Moscow it is 7 o'clock in the morning and I have not yet had sleep. I am looking for the solution on how to make a document for printing online.

I am not a coder--I am a designer--sorry if I ask a silly question, but I need advice:

  • I need to create documents online for my CRM. I have data and I need to generate some text documents with this information
  • I need to see borders of the documents as it is in Microsoft Word--I need to understand how many things fit the page
  • I need WYSYWIG editor for that
  • I need to edit margins of the page.

This solution is quite good http://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-4-beta but: - I can't see the printing area of the page - I can't control margins of the document

Here is an example of what I should get (of course without guides and blue squares): https://skitch.com/e-guanxsi/e1j2u/66.ai-100-rgb-preview

Please help me to find the proper solution.

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I've used prawn before to create PDFs from ruby/rails. It's not exactly what you're looking for (it's definitely not visual).

One thing you can do is use a template in PDF format, which you can create in word, and then add the text to the PDF from ruby. I've run some tests about a year ago, and you might find the code useful, it's hosted on https://github.com/augusto/prawn_spike.

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I've implemented a set of libraries which translate TeX template (using ERB) into PDF file. You can achive the quality of output up to book printing quality. My users are satisfied of the result.

The downside of this approach are folowing:

  • You need to have enough knowledge for TeX (I'm using it for 25+ years..)
  • This can't be WYSIWYG editable.

I think, you can take similar approach using some intermediate toolsets. You can use some translators to Rich Text Format (RTF), which Microsoft Word can read. Of course you may find some tool to directly output a DOC file

Hope this helps.

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