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I am new to CI.

Now i am try to develop the comment system with reply option.

So far i have developed the insert comment and reply comment.

But i don't know how to fetch reply comments under the main comment.

Please help me.

Thanks to all

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Use a recursive function! For that you will need to do something like this:

  1. Get the first comment.
  2. Call the recursive function. The ID of the comment must be passed as an argument.
  3. The function must get the comments & call itself in order to get all the comments.

A pseudo-code of this schema will be:

myComment = getComment();

function recursiveComments(currentComment){
  replies = getReplies(currentComment['idComment']);
  foreach(replies as reply){

In the pseudo-code, I'm assuming that you get a row_array with the getComment() function & that this comment is the "head" of all the comments, like the initial post. After that, I call the recursive function which gets all the replies & sub-replies for each comment. Note the I fetch a single reply in each call to the function.

Hope this gives you an idea! (=

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hey thanks for the answer i'l follow this code – Soundhar Raj Sep 8 '12 at 9:51

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