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Some time ago I installed gloox library with the command sudo apt-get install libgloox-dev. But it is not working in netbeans, for example. I noticed that there are only .h files (with only function declarations) in /usr/include/gloox directory. Need your help...

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What do you mean by it's not working? You have a program that's not compiling, or not linking, or what? You've installed the lib -dev package, have you installed the libgloox8 itself? – acraig5075 Sep 8 '12 at 6:07

You need to configure your project dependencies in order to use a library. Are you able to access Gloox files using <> ? If yes the environment variable is set correctly (should be done automatically in Ubuntu)

The library (.so file) will be in /usr/local/lib. You need to link the project against it in your makefile. On netbeans I think it's on project properties->c++ compiler. Personally, I use Cmake to generate my makefiles

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Try to download library from and follow installation instructions.

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