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When authenticating using Symfony 2.10, if I post a request to login check as configured in sercurity.yml:

    login_path: /account/login
    check_path: /account/login_check

The _target_path is correctly set on the form.

But if the user now types in the wrong password, the _target_path is lost and when the user now types in the right password, it will get redirected to the default place, in my case the front page.

I would like the security handler to keep the _target_path all the way, even if the user types the wrong password.

Any help is appreciated :)

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Try setting use_referer to true [see reference]:

    use_referer: true
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To be sure that your _target_path will not be erased - you can set it in your twig template as current uri:

<input type="hidden" value="{{ app.request.uri }}" name="_target_path" />
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that would redirect to login form, not referer. –  VaN Apr 22 at 8:18

I find only one way: create new failure_handler for form_login

Add in your security.yml:

    failure_handler: some_failure_handler_id

In that service:

public function onAuthenticationFailure(Request $request, AuthenticationException $exception)

    $target_path = $request->request->get('_target_path');
    if ($target_path) {
        $request->getSession()->set('_security.login.target_path', $target_path);


In SecurityController:

if ($back_url = $session->get('_security.login.target_path')) {

And set target_path again in form:

{% if back_url %}                               
    <input type="hidden" name="_target_path" value="{{ back_url }}" />
{% endif %}
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