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hi i'm launching a site here:

however the video(.mp4) is not playable in Android. The codec already h.264 the mp4 width : 1056, height:400 can this become a problem ? i'm using's player

i tried using handbrake converter and also failed...

the file can be download here :

any idea what to do..

i tried to copy the several mp4 with different handbrake profile in my android.. but there's nothing work

could the movie resolution become the problem?

UPDATE: I tried videojs's player ( and the problem still exist, i'm sure this is a the video problem not a script problem


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Your video is encoded with H.264 High Profile. Some of the latest Android devices support High Profile, but if you want it to work on all Android devices then stick to Baseline Profile (see Android core media format and codec support).

Also, your video has the moov atom at the end. If you want the video to be playable before the whole thing has downloaded, you will need to move the moov (metadata) before the mdat (video data). You can do that using the qt-faststart program that comes with ffmpeg, or this python version, or one of the others referenced on this page, or mp4box, or a similar program.

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