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I am working on an application integrating wepay's delayed payment functionality into it. While accessing /checkout/create api call on stage.wepay.com, it takes to payment page and the final response always gives the state as authorized. I had passed the auto_complete parameter as false and the expected return state was reserved but instead wepay is always returning the authorized state.

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It seems wepay always sends the response as authorized state. It will be returned as reserved only if we make a second request. This is the response I got from the wepay team :

Ticket #149740: Delayed payment issue on stage.wepay.com

Your request (#149740) has been updated . To review, comment and continue the discussion, follow the link below: http://support.wepay.com/tickets/149740

Chris Chen, Sep 08 09:50 am (PDT):

Hi xxxx,

That's actually how it's supposed to work. Authorized will turn into reserved. Very rarely will >something fail after Authorized except for something like fraud. This is a very very small fraction >of transactions.

We recommend you consider Authorized as successful.



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