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I have a keywords and a categories table with an ID and a name col (I can't merge them into a single table!)

There's an articles table with ID, name, text.

And the many-to-many connection tables:

  • ckw for keywords, columns: key_id, article_id

  • ccat for categories, columns: cat_id, article_id

I can write a query to get those articles which belong to keywords ID 5 AND ID 7:

SELECT articles.name FROM articles
JOIN ckw ON (ckw.article_id = articles.id)
WHERE ckw.key_id IN (5, 7)
GROUP BY ckw.article_id
HAVING COUNT(ckw.key_id) = 2

But what if I want to get those articles which belong to keywords ID 5 AND ID 7, and also belong to category ID 12 AND ID 18? I can't figure the right query out.

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SELECT articles.name
FROM articles
inner JOIN ckw ON ckw.article_id = articles.id
inner join ccat on ccat.article_id = articles.id
WHERE ckw.key_id IN (5, 7) 
and ccat.category_id in (12,18)
GROUP BY articles.article_id , articles.name 
HAVING COUNT(distinct ckw.key_id) = 2 
and count(distinct ccat.category_id) = 2 
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Thanks! But why do you group by articles.name? –  KisGabo Sep 8 '12 at 13:16
Because, at least in proper implementations of SQL, you have to group by any non aggregated result in an aggregated query. If you write SQL this way, it will save you pain in the future. :) –  podiluska Sep 8 '12 at 13:20
I got it, thanks. It works perfectly :) –  KisGabo Sep 8 '12 at 13:25

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