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Hey everyone, Is there any known way of listing the WMI classes and their properties available for a particular system? Im interested in a vbscript approach, but please suggest anything really :)

P.S. Great site.

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I believe this is what you want.

WMI Code Creator

A part of this nifty utility allows you to browse namespaces/classes/properties on the local and remote PCs, not to mention generating WMI code in VBScript/C#/VB on the fly. Very useful.

Also, the source code used to create the utility is included in the download, which could provide a reference if you wanted to create your own browser like interface.

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This MSDN page walks through enumerating the available classes: How to: List the Classes in a WMI Namespace

for retrieving properties from a class:

ManagementPath l_Path = new ManagementPath(l_className);
ManagementClass l_Class = new ManagementClass(myScope, l_ManagementPath, null);
foreach (PropertyData l_PropertyData in l_Class.Properties)
    string l_type = l_PropertyData.Type.ToString());
    int l_length = Convert.ToInt32(l_PropertyData.Qualifiers["maxlen"].Value);           
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