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I'v seen some similar questions about overriding styles with @import, people suggest to put @import at the bottom, but that does not seem to work here.

--- index.html ---
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" />
This text should be green.

--- style.css ---
body {color: red;}
@import url('style-override.css');

--- style-override.css ---
body {color: green;}

The example above will output red text, while green is expected.

  • Declaring style-override.css after style.css inside head will solve the problem, but I want to use @import inside a css file.

  • Adding !important in style-override.css will also get the expected result, but that is not the way it should work.

Can anyone explain this?

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That isn't working because any import rule declared inside of a stylesheet must come before everything else - otherwise, ...well, it doesn't work ;) .

So, what you should have in your style.css stylesheet is:

@import url('style-override.css');  
body {color: red;}
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OK, even if @import is declared at the bottom, it will be executed first I guess. I actually just read that on a website. It seems that declaring css inside head or adding !important are the only ways. Thanks. – user1643156 Sep 8 '12 at 11:30
Oh yes, obviously. I wasn't even thinking about that. The imported rules are still overridden, since, in this case body {color: red;} comes after. – JOPLOmacedo Sep 8 '12 at 11:44

@import rules must be at the top. This is what the CSS spec. says about it:

Any @import rules must precede all other at-rules and style rules in a style sheet (besides @charset, which must be the first thing in the style sheet if it exists), or else the @import rule is invalid.

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