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I have linked the target file of my project to the coredata.framework in the Build Phases. But still I am getting 3 linker errors like below:

Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "_OBJC_CLASS_$_CoreDataTableViewController", referenced from: _OBJC_CLASS_$_RolesTableViewController in RolesTableViewController.o "_OBJC_METACLASS_$_CoreDataTableViewController", referenced from: _OBJC_METACLASS_$_RolesTableViewController in RolesTableViewController.o ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture i386 clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

I am getting this problem in 2 coredata examples i was following from the tutorials. I tried to find if i missed a step. I think I am doing some small fundamental error...

Please help, what it could be...

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You're not linking the file which contain the definition of CoreDataTableViewController. –  user529758 Sep 8 '12 at 11:16

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I'm sure this is solved now, but I had the same problem. When you copy the files to your project you need to ensure you put a check next to your project under "Add to targets".

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