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I have a executable "myfile.exe" file in location "C:\Users\me\Desktop" I want to execute a command "myfile.exe <firstArg> <secondArg>" at C:\Users\me\Desktop through batch file,

In command line:

C:\Users\me\Desktop>myfile.exe <firstArg> <secondArg>

How to write the batch script for the above command in windows

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With argument variables the contents of you batchFile.bat would be:

@echo off
C:\Users\me\Desktop\myfile.exe %1 %2

or with fixed arguments:

@echo off
C:\Users\me\Desktop\myfile.exe <firstArg> <secondArg>  
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Just add the exact command you are executing from command line to .bat file. Change working directory first if necessary.

cd C:\Users\me\Desktop
myfile.exe <firstArg> <secondArg>
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Or on one line: %userprofile%\Desktop\myfile.exe <firstarg> <secondarg> – James K Sep 8 '12 at 20:55

Your batch file:

C:\Users\me\Desktop\myfile.exe %1 %2

Then you can call your batch file:

mybatchfile.bat <firstArg> <secondArg>

Also, you can use %* to pass all parameters rather than specifying each parameter.

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