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I set up a Twitter application that uses oAuth. I am able to authenticate fine on an amazon ec2 centos server and it accepts my consumer keys and can see my application. But oAuth cannot on my home centos server. I am using Dyndns to make public my home server.

Maybe my home router is blocking the port oAuth uses. Maybe Dyndns is not allowing oAuth?

On my home server i enter in the consumer keys and click save and I get the error: Unable to obtain OAuth tokens from Twitter. Please double-check the consumer key and secret are correct.

On Amazon ec2 I enter in the consumer keys and click save and I get" Success! 'MYAPP' on Twitter has been added.

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I was able to get oAuth to work by placing my ip on a DMZ – paulcap1 Sep 8 '12 at 13:32

Twitter implementation of OAuth uses HTTPS. So if your own server is OK with HTTPS, it should be OK for you too.

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