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    paused = false;
    running = !running;
    Graphics g = start.getGraphics();
    Component glassPane = start.getGlassPane();
    Main.running = true;

This is my code for disabling my jframe, loading a new one, and disposing it. Whenever I do this, when I return to the frame I get strange graphical errors. One of the graphical errors!

How do I close the frame completly?

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Can you upload that strange errors? And one advice: Don't load a new frame, make your game so you can load a new panel. –  Branislav Lazic Sep 8 '12 at 12:32
Why do you dispose the graphics, did you create it? The rule is always that you dispose what you created. Also, I suppose that start is a JFrame. It's unlikely that you need to call getGraphics(),... ever –  Guillaume Polet Sep 8 '12 at 12:38

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  • create private/public(depends of your code design) variable for JFrame instance

  • then you can't bothering with dispose of visible JFrame and then re_create a new one

  • create class or local instace that returns JPanel with game content

  • call JFrame#getContentPane#removeAll()

  • call JFrame#getContentPane#add(new GamePanel())

  • maybe there are easiest ways how to reset whatever (depends of your code design) to the start_up statuses

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