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I have a 6 column fixed width grid, but I'd like one particular "row" to have 5 columns instead, is that possible?

@import "susy";
@include border-box-sizing;

// The 1000px grid
$total-columns: 6;
$column-width: 150px;
$gutter-width: 20px;
$grid-padding: 0;

$container-style: static;
$container-width: 1000px;

$show-grid-backgrounds  : true;


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Sure is. All Susy math is simply based on columns / context, so you can have as many columns as you want by lying to Susy about context.

$total-columns: 6;

.container {
  @include container;
  .tricky {
    @include span-columns(1,5); // tell Susy there are 5 columns, and suddenly there are.

If you want to be more honest about it, or make 5 the default context for a larger chunk of code, you can simply wrap that code in layout(5) { ... } or with-grid-settings(5) { ... } and within that block $total-columns == 5.

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