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I have an SQL Server table called "MyTable" with 3 integer columns: column1, column2 and column3. column3 is a computed column, evaluating the expression:

when column1>column2 then 1
else 2

Let's say that my table has only one row with values (300, 50, 1)

Now suppose that i have the following LINQ code:

MyTable t = db.MyTables.First();
Console.Write("Computed Value = " + t.comlumn3);

What will the written output be? 1 or 2? In other words, is the value of the computed column auto-updated in my code, even before I "Submit Changes";

Thank you in advance.

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No, computed columns are (when declared in the database as you do) only evaluated by the database (ie it will only have the correct value after a save/reload).

If you want it immediately evaluated in the code and don't really want the computed column stored in the database, you could change column3 in your datatype into a property that calculates the value in the getter.

public int column3 { get { return column1>column2 ? 1 : 2 } }

If you're using EF, you'll want to add [NotMapped] to your added property to avoid EF trying to store it in the database.

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Thanks a lot, mate. –  Wonder Sep 8 '12 at 14:22

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