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please I need some help in previewing a form in popup. I have a form, quite big, so I added the option of preview to show as popup. The lightbox form popup works well, but the problem I now have is function passform() passing the inputs(textfield, select, checkbox, radio) into the popup page for preview on Click(). Below are my javascript and html codes. I left the css and some html out, because I think they're not necessary. I will appreciate your help. Thank you

The Javascript

function gradient(id, level)
var box = document.getElementById(id);
box.style.opacity = level;
box.style.MozOpacity = level;
box.style.KhtmlOpacity = level;
box.style.filter = "alpha(opacity=" + level * 100 + ")";

function fadein(id) 
var level = 0;
while(level <= 1)
    setTimeout( "gradient('" + id + "'," + level + ")", (level* 1000) + 10);
    level += 0.01;

     // Open the lightbox

  function openbox(formtitle, fadin)
    var box = document.getElementById('box'); 

    var btitle = document.getElementById('boxtitle');
    btitle.innerHTML = formtitle;

 gradient("box", 0);

      // Close the lightbox

     function closebox()

     //pass form fields into variables
     var divexugsotherugsexams1 = document.getElementById('divexugsotherugsexams1');
     var exugsotherugsexams1 = document.form4.exugsotherugsexams1.value;

     function passform()
      divexugsotherugsexams1.innerHTML = document.form4.exugsotherugsexams1.value;

The HTML(with just one text field try):

      <p><input name="submit4" type="submit" class="button2" id="submit4" value="Preview Note" onClick="openbox('Preview Note', 1)"/>
  <div id="shadowing"></div>

   <div id="box">
  <span id="boxtitle"></span>
  <div id="divexugsotherugsexams1"></div>

  <script>document.write('<PARAM name="SRC" VALUE="'+exugsotherugsexams1+'">')</script> 
      <a href="#" onClick="closebox()">Close</a>

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It's not clear what the problem is. The passform() isn't working? –  Joe Coder Sep 8 '12 at 15:22
@JoeCoder The passform() is supposed to help in previewing the form content using lightbox popup but it's not working yet. Also, I found a preview style on forum.jquery.com/newtopic which doesn't use popup and looks clean. Any help with either will be really appreciated. Thank you. –  user1015309 Sep 10 '12 at 18:40

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