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I have two hexadecimal strings.I need to do the XOR operation between them.

My hexa strings Like,

 a = "1A6F2D31567C80644A5BEF2D50B986B";
 b = "EF737F481FC7CDAE7C8B40837C80644";

How to do the XOR operation between them? Can you give some guideline to do that?

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the output is an integer or another string? – tokland Sep 10 '12 at 7:55
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That would work for any base:

>> (a.to_i(16) ^ b.to_i(16)).to_s(16) 
=> "f51c527949bb4dca36d0afae2c39e2f"

But you can use String#hex for hexadecimal strings.

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a = "1A6F2D31567C80644A5BEF2D50B986B"
b = "EF737F481FC7CDAE7C8B40837C80644"
a.hex ^ b.hex
#or (a.hex ^ b.hex).to_s(16)
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You didn't specifically ask, but you might want the output String to be the same length as the input Strings by padding leading zeros. So, building on steenslag's slick answer (and adjusting the input values to illustrate the potential problem):

a = "14ef"
b = "1ca3"
(a.hex ^ b.hex).to_s(16)
# "84c"
(a.hex ^ b.hex).to_s(16).rjust(a.length, '0')
# "084c"
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