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I am creating a phonebook program. It can read VCards. The problem is with phone numbers. You know normally, a phone number will be like this.


But if the phone number is from a foreign country, it would look like this.

+94771234560 or may be (22)772324000

Now, there are + and () signs! I am currently converting phone numbers (VCards contain them as Strings) to numbers. However, if I take strings as phone numbers, then user can insert even a name as a phone number, in the contact form of the software!! What can I do in this case? Please help!

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I would strip out all non-digit characters. Those are display issues. –  duffymo Sep 8 '12 at 14:37
I would use a string and use… to make it in the correct regex –  0x90 Sep 8 '12 at 14:38

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Definitely use a string, but validate it. Just because it's a string doesn't mean you have to accept any data. You should consider using a regular expression (or perhaps a series of regular expressions) to validate the data.

Don't just limit it to specific characters - for example, you don't want to accept ")0(" as a phone number - use sensible patterns. The Wikipedia page on local conventions for phone numbers may prove helpful on this front - or you could look for other sources. You may also want to consider being somewhat lenient, as not everyone will follow exact patterns. There's a delicate balance to be achieved though.

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What would adding two phone numbers mean? So, IMO, not a number.

You should still attempt to validate, but if you want to accept any and all arbitrary international numbers, including local conventions for how they're written, that'll be frustrating.

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Don't use a numeric type for phone numbers, stick with a String.

Do some form of input validation. Define some restrictions on your phone numbers, and when reading the card, check the String against your format: if the phone number doesn't match your restrictions, then reject it.

Search around this site for questions/answers regarding phone number validation.

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