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I am trying writing a simple Fortran code that calculates h = g(f(x)). The x is a vector of length=2.

module m1
implicit none

function f(x)
implicit none
end function f

function g(ff)
implicit none
    function ff(x)
    implicit none
    end function ff
end interface
end function g

end module m1

program hgf
use m1
implicit none
x1 = (/0.55,2.47/)
h = g(f(x1))

write(*,*) h

end program hgf

But, I am getting this error message:

h = g(f(x1))
Error: Actual parameter 'ff' at <1> is not a PROCEDURE

Am I missing something? Thanks.

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You should pass the function and the x1 vector separately. –  Hristo Iliev Sep 9 '12 at 18:06
Note: you don't need to repeat "implicit none" in each subroutine. It's enough to just state it once at the top of the module (the only exception is the interface block, where you need to repeat it). –  Ondřej Čertík Sep 12 '12 at 20:20

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in the call to g() you are not passing the function f() but rather the result of calling the function f() with the value of x1.

Check this Notes on converting from F77 to F90 and look at page 24, Section 3.2.7.

Also check this question on procedures as arguments.

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