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I have been trying for the last 12 hours to add items to a TFS Team Project using SSMS 2012, has anyone else experienced this issue?

I am able to add items using SSMS 2008-R2 without any issues.

In SSMS 2008-R2 when I wanted to create a new Project I would simply select File → New → Project. I would then type in the name of the project, make sure that the Add to Source Control checkbox was selected and after a few seconds the Check in - Source Files form magically appeared. Then I would check the Check-In button the project was automatically created (neat huh??).

However in SSMS 2012, I follow the same steps and Nothing happens other than the project being added magically to the Solution explorer. Now, I checked to make sure that the settings were identically between both SSMS 2008-R2 and SSMS 2012 and they appear to be. Both applications are hitting the same exact TFS server so for now I think that it is "off the hook".

Please give me your ideas on what or where I should look.

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A similar thread on the DBA portion of Stack Exchange that may be of some help:

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Thanks, I found that link prior to my post. It appears that there is a known issue involving SSMS 2012 and TFS:… – Mark Kram Sep 10 '12 at 15:04

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