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how to bind a set of arguments to a variable and then use the variable as argument for a method, e.g.

my_method(arg_a, arg_b, arg_c, arg_d, arg_e)

should be expressed like something like that

my_args = [arg_a, arg_b, arg_c, arg_d, arg_e]

But that doesn't work 'cause my_method expects 5 args but only get the array as one arg. I have few methods with the same arguments set so how to get this working to get DRYer code?

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You should use the splat operator. Try this:

my_args = [arg_a, arg_b, arg_c, arg_d, arg_e]
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Cool, thanks. Works fine. –  ctp Sep 8 '12 at 18:10

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