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I have route:

app.get('/:id', routes.action);

It works fine, but I need skip robot.txt and other (humans ....) I create regex (only chars or number):


How I can route only ids, which match this regex?

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If you want to avoid a route matching a static file that exists physically, simply put the static middleware before the call to the app.router.

Then the static file (such as robots.txt) will be delivered and these calls will not get through to your routing.

Problem solved ;-).

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Put the regex in parentheses like this:

app.get('/:id(^[a-z]{0,10}$)', routes.action);
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Internally, the strings that you give to the Express router are just converted into regexes anyway. If you look at the code, you can see that you can just pass a regex directly.

app.get(/^\/[a-z]{0,10}$/, routes.action);

The docs also have examples.

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If you need it for multiple routes :


is an array having all of the get routes. You can change the regex object for the routes you need to change.

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