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I am trying to create a script to be executed in VxWorks. The script should create an output file with specific data. I would like something like the following:

saveFd = open("myoutput.txt",0x102, 0777 )
oldFd = ioGlobalStdGet(1)
ioGlobalStdSet(1, saveFd)

#I would like to use three variables
#I don't know if I should use them as environment variables


    #modify memory using my variables.
    m getenv("MYBUSA"), 4 getenv("DATAA")
    #display memory using my variables. This output should be redirected to the file.
    d getenv("MYBUSB"), 4 
    #update variable DATAA
    DATAA = DATAA + 1;

#recover old std output
ioGlobalStdSet(1, oldFd)

Thanks in advance.

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Based on your file system, change the directory. In my case we have true flash file system from

->cd "/tffs0/cfg"

Create a Script:

-> > script

Add all other relevant command here


To close the file:


Check the file if it has been created.


Execution of the script, it will display in console:

->< script

To log all the content of script to a file use:

< script > script.log

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