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I'm trying to stream rtsp video via tcp using mplayer in windows minGW shell and it depends on live555 streaming media library. The steps I did are:

  • download the live555 streaming media src
  • build each .mak files in src/live/ (I use nmake /f *.mak via command line, because my VS2010 can't recognize the .mak files.)

Building process was success and the result are .obj files. The problem is mplayer need .a files to make and the build didn't create it.

My question is:

  • do I really need the .a files? If so, how do I get it?
  • is there any other build method I can use to solve this?

Thanks :)

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Solved it.

Do I need .a files?

  • Yes, I need them.

How to get it?

  • run ./genMakeFiles mingw in src/live/ from MinGW
  • run make
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run ./genMakefiles

run make

you can refer below link


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