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Backgroud: I play Grand Strategy Games a lot. Part of addcition comes out of AARs (After Action Reports). Stories players write about games. Ofc. that require save games cause "quick" game is longer than 10 hours.

Problem: Game do not support automatic save games other than 3 autosaves that get overridden every time. So I want to write app that will use Qt for tracking file changes. Every time game auto saves, this app will rename and move to choosen location savegame. But since its full screen game, players may forgot to turn on my app I need way to indicate state of my app.

Question: How can I make 2D overlay over portion of full screen 3D app, given that I use Python and Qt?

Alternative I do not think that sound warnings would solve my problem, since it would work if someone forgotten to choose save game to track, but it would not work if someone completely forgot to turn on my app. While lack of icon would be enough to inform about such mistake.

But if you can find any other way to indicate that my app is not turned on or configured, post your ideas in answers.

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