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I Am new to using Markdown. Although I have managed to set a lot of styling options in the CSS, I cannot figure out how to change the style of any bullets. Regular ones :

  • Regular Bullet


  • Block quote Bullet

and nested ones

  • Block Quote Bullet 1
    • Block quote lBullet 2

Many thanks for your help.

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As you are probably aware, markdown's primary function is strictly as "markup" language so that a simple set of set of characters can remove the need for a lot of manual coding such as wrapping <li></li> on the front and back of your lists. Obviously. :)

What markdown isn't REALLY meant for is styling that html for the final output. Some various subsets of markdown include modifiers and things to make this happen but that can break if you have to change your markdown processor at some point.

THAT being said - you want to control this with css style, and that's done with this modifier:

list-style-type: square, disc, circle, etc...

here's a list:

If you are putting this on a page of other code - consider there may be some default styles already applied so you many need to chain your css call with something like ul li { list-style-type: your-choice} to beat the overwrite - other than that, the above is the syntax you want.


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thank You very much! – 500 Sep 12 '12 at 14:11

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