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I'm trying to write simple fmt.Fprintf wrapper which takes variable number of arguments, here is the code:

func Die(format string, args ...interface{}) {
    str := fmt.Sprintf(format, args)
    fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "%v\n", str)

But when I'm calling it:


I get:

foo%!(EXTRA []interface {}=[])

Can't figure why I'm getting this text after the "foo" & what is the correct way to create wrappers around fmt.Fprintf?

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BTW, the Die function re-implements what log.Fatal and/or log.Logger.Fatalf are ready made for. –  zzzz Sep 9 '12 at 7:39

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Variadic functions receive the arguments as a slice of the type. In this case your function receives a []interface{} named args. When you pass that argument to fmt.Sprintf, you are passing it as a single argument of type []interface{}. What you really want is to pass each value in args as a separate argument (the same way you received them). To do this you must use the ... syntax.

str := fmt.Sprintf(format, args...)

This is also explained in the Go specification here.

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