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My personal FB account is in the Admin Role of "Manager" on our company's FB page.

I have an Access Token w/ the correct permissions that I can use to successfully post a Note to the Company page using the REST API.

However, when I use the same Access Token to Post a note to (where PROFILE_ID is replaced with the ID of our Company page, it posts the note to my personal FB page.

How do I use the Graph API to post notes to the company page.


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POST requests generally seem to post to the profile of the user that is authenticated, not necessarily the user with the profile ID supplied - it's odd.

Hence, you need to authenticate as the page, rather than as yourself. The details regarding this are here:

Essentially, you authenticate as yourself, retrieve a list of pages that you manage with associated access tokens, which you can then use to post the note.

For the benefit of other users, the process is thus:

Firstly, acquire the create_post permission, as described in the API Reference A POST request must be issued to"MESSAGE_BODY_TEXT"&subject="NOTE_SUBJECT"

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Excellent!!! Thank you!!! – Philip Canarsky Sep 11 '12 at 22:42

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