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I have a script:


jQuery(document).ready(function() {



// Timer

function timer(intCount) {
    GLOBAL_TIMER = setInterval(function() {

        var intTickLength = 10;

        if (intCount < 10) {
            jQuery('#timer').html('00:0' + intCount--);
            jQuery('#bar').css('width', intCount * intTickLength + 'px');
        } else {
            jQuery('#timer').html('00:' + intCount--);
            jQuery('#bar').css('width', intCount * intTickLength + 'px');

        if (intCount < 0) {

    }, 1000);

function stopTimer() {

I'm animating the width of the progress bar based on the intCount * intTickLength (maybe there's a better way?)

Problem is, when the counter reaches 1, the last tick on the bar disappears. I need it to remain until counter reaches 0. I need some kind of an offset.. Any ideas? I'm no js expert, but I long to be one.

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Set the bar size before you decrement the counter:

jQuery('#bar').css('width', intCount * intTickLength + 'px');
jQuery('#timer').html('00:0' + intCount--);
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Beautiful. Thanks so much. –  Scott Sep 8 '12 at 22:49

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