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I was wondering if anyone has tried/had any luck with compilation of JavaScript files which implement CommonJS APIs (require()), into native Java code.

I've currently got a site i'm building that will be using a text editor similar to this one, which stack overflow open-sourced (a port of WMD editor): http://code.google.com/p/pagedown/

This project comes with a few JavaScript files which sanitise and convert the markup language of the editor into valid html.

Having played around a bit with Rhino 1.7R4, I have managed to load the JavaScript files/modules at runtime and am able to execute the require functions as and when.

However, I would rather pre-compile these scripts into native Java code. I've managed to compile single scripts which don't use CommonJS features following this Rhino doc:


But I'm at a loss as to the correct way to compile multiple dependent scripts that implement CommonJS features, and Rhino itself is not very well documented.

The idea is to have native Java code for mark up conversion and sanitisation, without the translation cost of writing/maintaing two different code bases (by just converting the JS to JAVA).


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