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So I've got this "save" button in my main view controller that I would like to move into a different view controller (WriterViewController). After doing this, my custom view controller class isn't able to respond to any of the button events. Not sure what im doing wrong here but here some screenshots:

Save button is first in my main view controller. I'll be moving it to the view controller to the right (WriterViewController).

Save button is currently in the main view controller.

As you can see, after moving the button into the intended view controller, the view controller has a custom class set to "WriterViewController".

enter image description here

I then ctrl + click and drag the save button so that i can link up it's "Touch Up Inside" event to the "saveEntry" method.

enter image description here

A screenshot of my WriterViewController.h file.

enter image description here

And the implementation.

enter image description here

Doing the same exact step for the main view controller did work and i was able to log my message. However, it wouldn't work for the custom view controller.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

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Why not just make the save button from scratch for WriterViewController? It's not hard to drag out a UIButton and set it's text to "Save."

Regardless, have you clicked on the button in the scene and viewed the connection's inspector to make sure the connections are what you'd expect? It seems obvious, but sometimes the connections can get all screwed up if you forget to clean them up. (ie. you copy a button over, connections and all, and things don't act as you think they should.)

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Created a new button and it still did not work. – ryan Sep 9 '12 at 1:40
That's... odd. It must be something extremely simple and we're missing it. It should be as simple as dragging out the button, setting up the action and connecting it. :| Does the button highlight when you touch it? – Metabble Sep 9 '12 at 1:43
Alright. I think I isolated the problem. After seeing everything in connections, etcetera working I figured out it's not the target action. The problem is, is that at runtime the view controller instance it sends the message to is invalid, hence the bad access message. The reason? You've probably not implemented your custom segue correctly. Changing the start point of the main storyboard to the one with the screwed up save button makes it work correctly. I have never written a custom segue before, but I'll try to see if I can fix the problem through fixing that. Maybe it's something else, IDK. – Metabble Sep 9 '12 at 3:57
Alright, it does seem to be the segue; embedding the whole thing in a navigation controller and using the normal built-in Push segue works fine. I suggest you do the same. Click the initial scene in the storyboard and go to Editor -> Embed in -> Navigation Controller. Click it. Now, delete your custom segues (just click them in the storyboard and hit delete). Control-drag from the buttons you want to trigger the segue to the destination and choose "Push" from the list. Now try. Works fine. I'll try to figure out what's wrong with your custom segue in the meantime. – Metabble Sep 9 '12 at 4:03
You're trying to always have a navigation bar since your app is nonlinear, so instead of truly segueing you just slap the destination view controller's whole view into the current VC's subviews. This makes target action not work correctly. I don't know if there's a way to do it the way you've done it, but consider using a UITabBarController instead; it's made for this kind of thing. You could also try this: if you just have to have a vertical tab bar. Other than tab bars, I don't know how I would implement what you've tried to. – Metabble Sep 9 '12 at 5:13

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