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writing to a text file in php

Say I wanted to add the string $ip to the text file ip.txt in the same directory. I am currently using file_get_contents to read from the text file.

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You could use file_put_contents


  $ip = "foo";

  file_put_contents("ip.txt", $ip, FILE_APPEND);


FILE_APPEND will append the text. Absence of this flag will cause file-overwriting.

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What must the permissions be on the file in order to write to it from a website? – Doug Sep 25 '14 at 1:57

file_put_contents() with FILE_APPEND flag appends text to given file:

file_put_contents('filename.txt', $stringToAppend, FILE_APPEND);
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file_put_contents to put contents into a file.

if(!file_put_contents("path/to/file.txt", $ip, FILE_APPEND)){
    // failure
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