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I have an FAQ section of my website in which I'd like to flash the background property of the div of the answer of the question clicked using this particular function

// Extend jquery with flashing for elements
$.fn.flash = function(duration, iterations) {
    duration = duration || 1000; // Default to 1 second
    iterations = iterations || 1; // Default to 1 iteration
    var iterationDuration = duration / iterations;

    for (var i = 0; i < iterations; i++) {

Is there any way to use the calling statement

$("#someElementId").flash(1000, 4);

to accomplish this. My HTML looks like this

<p><ul class="disc">
<li><a href="#a1">Question</a></li>

<div class="row"><a name="a1">


<a href="#top"><em>Back to top</em></a>

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yeah, put some classes on your elements and tie it all together:

<p><ul class="disc">
<li><a href="#a1" class='question' data-num='1'>Question</a></li>
<div class="row"><a name="a1">

<p class='answer-1'>Answer</p>

<a href="#top"><em>Back to top</em></a>

  $(".question").on('click', function(){
     var num = $(this).data('num');
     $(".answer-"+num).flash(1000, 4);

on document load when the user clicks on a question, i check that questions number which is stored in the data-num attribute. from that i can derive the answer's class which i flash.

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that would work but there's no such function as 'flash.' There should also be a ');' after the first '}.' –  mochabcha Sep 28 '12 at 23:38
fixed syntax. you yourself defined flash as a query plugin. i am calling it. –  mkoryak Oct 1 '12 at 1:45
yea, i think i saw that flash thing somewhere and thought it might work without actually testing it. The proper way to do it is include jQueryUI and use the "pulsate" effect. $("#a"+num).effect( 'pulsate', 'slow' ); –  mochabcha Oct 6 '12 at 21:00

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