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Scenario: An intranet site is accessed from two different countries through different site names. We use mediawiki as knowledge base and wish to reference this intranet site. mediawiki is used by teams in both countries.

Currently we are providing two different URLs in the wiki. example:

Country one: ur1.in.intranet\hello\world
Country two: ur1.en.intranet\hello\world

Problem: How do we ensure that the correct (accessible) intranet site address is presented to the person accessing from each country?

I have tried to find information using wiki templates. Say, while authoring, all users must use a specific template {{Intranet_Page | < URL >}}

In the template, a code could check the IP of the accessing user and determine which site name has to be used. I was unable to find the right special word for finding the IP. :(

Is there any way... PHP modifications / Templates / others?

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I would like to help but I am not sure I understand your issue. You would like to have links that would adapt, depending of the country of the IP who access the page, is that it ? –  Euloiix Sep 17 '12 at 21:24
Thanks @Euloiix. Yes. In this case, it is the domain names instead of IP. –  Krishna Oct 31 '12 at 2:13

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