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I m working with BeautifulSoup in Python for scraping a webpage. The html under issue looks like below:

<td><a href="blah.html>blahblah</a></td>

i wish to take the contents of the td tag. So for the first td, i need the "blahblah" text and for the next td, i want to write "line2" and for the last td, "blank" because there is no content.

my code snippet looks like this -

row = [] 
for each_td in td:                        
    link = each_td.find_all('a')                                                
    if link:
    elif each_td.contents[0] is None:
print row

However on running, i get the error -

elif each_td.contents[0] is None:
IndexError: list index out of range

Note- i am working with beautifulsoup.

How do I test for the "no-content-td" and weite appropriately? Why is the "... is None" not working?

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3 Answers 3

You can use .text to get the text.

row = [] 
for each_td in td:
print row
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thanks! that worked. – user1644208 Sep 9 '12 at 6:24

Who said that 'contents' has always at least one element? Obviously you encounter the situation that 'contents' has no elements and therefore you will this error.

A more appropriate check would be:

if each_td.contents:


if len(each_td.contents) > 0:

But your preassumption is just wrong.

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You can handle the exception . Below is the code

except IndexError:
  //do what is required if it is empty ...
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