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I want to use JDBCRealm for login authentication but instead of having a user_role table I have a groups table which has pointer to the group tables each containing user and it's role in that group,how should I implement JDBCRealm for this case?

thank you

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Question is off topic, belongs on, but really if it isn't answered by the Tomcat JDBC Realm documentation it can't be answered at all. – EJP Sep 10 '12 at 0:29

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You cannot use JDBCRealm for this purpose: you will have to write your own subclass of JDBCRealm and change the queries used for authorization.

Another tip: don't use JDBCRealm at all: it does not scale at all since there is a single JDBC Connection object used for all database communication. You are better off using DataSourceRealm.

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