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I want to monitor when a key is changed/added/deleted to the registry whenever application is being installed or removed. I have tested the sample code from the msdn(link) and it works fine.

But the problem is that it does not tell me which key has actually been modified/added/deleted. How can i retrieve this information using c++?

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There are only 3 ways, none of which is both easy and adequate:

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Side note: "the CmRegisterCallback routine is obsolete for Windows Vista and later operating system versions. Use CmRegisterCallbackEx instead." – oldrinb Sep 9 '12 at 7:51

Unfortunately Event Tracing for Windows (EWT) does not allow to see full key path in the event. You get only a partial key name and a strange handle with is actually a key control block. It's not so simple to get information from this block. Yes the process monitor uses EWT, but it does not use Windows Kernel Trace as a provider.

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See ETW - Registry monitoring for how to discover the full key names when using ETW. – Remy Lebeau Aug 7 at 17:33

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