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<h:commandLink value="next" action="#{student.getNext()}"  rendered="#{! (student.maximumSize<=student.idvalue.size)}" ></h:commandLink>

But I'm getting error in student.maximumSize<=student.idvalue.size

<= What can I replace here .. ??

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Getting what error? – EJP Sep 9 '12 at 7:38
Multiple annotations found at this line: - Syntax error in EL - The value of attribute "rendered" associated with an element type "h:commandLink" must not contain the '<' character. - EL syntax error: Expecting expression. – ashokhein Sep 9 '12 at 7:40
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Best is to remove the ! and use gt

<h:commandLink rendered="#{student.maximumSize gt student.idvalue.size}" value="next" action="#{student.getNext()}"></h:commandLink>

or try this

<h:commandLink rendered="#{not (student.maximumSize le student.idvalue.size)}" value="next" action="#{student.getNext()}"></h:commandLink>

Here the el expressions that should be used instead of the signs like == < > etc...

==  -->  eq
!=  -->  ne
<   -->  lt
>   -->  gt
<=  -->  le
>=  -->  ge
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You need to change '<=' to 'le', or use the &lt; syntax for the <.

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