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I have ListView.

I have 3 sets of views:

  1. Imageview
  2. VideoView
  3. Textview.

I have a webserver which returns images, videos and texts. So based on the response from the server i would like to inflate the views for the row's in listview.

I am aware of inflating a custom layout using a custom adapter.

I would like to know how to inflate views types using a custom adapter?.

For example :

If the webserver returns image, inflate imageview.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/7068423/…. Here we can find inflating 2 different layouts Image and TextView. –  Raghunandan Sep 9 '12 at 8:14
i edited the question but i asked this question a long time back. i don't have the code. So i tried my best to improve the post and prevent downvotes. –  Raghunandan Jul 30 '13 at 11:50
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Associate each webservice response with ID 0-for Images, 1-for Texts and 2-for Videos. Store ID in a ArrayList. Then Override getItemViewType() and getViewTypeCount(). Inflate appropriate views in getView().


    public int getItemViewType(int position) 


    int type;

    if (ID.get(position)== 0){
        type = TYPE_ITEM1;  //type 0 for image
    } else if (ID.get(position) == 1){
        type = TYPE_ITEM2; //type 1 for text
    }else {
        type = TYPE_ITEM3; //type 2 for videos
    return type;
public int getViewTypeCount() {
    return 3;    //three different layouts to be inflated
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