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I know I can have my global settings under ~/.sbt . Is there a system level location where I can put global .sbt files for all users? Essentially, Im planning to put generally useful plugin configurations etc in the file

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I don't know about such a feature in sbt. What about symbolic links ?

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Yes, this might work because sbt should pick up all .sbt files in ~/.sbt/. So, you could have a symbolic link from ~/.sbt/system.sbt to /etc/sbt/system.sbt and users could still have their own settings in ~/.sbt/user.sbt, for example. – Mark Harrah Sep 12 '12 at 19:55
@mark .. Im doing something like this right now.. I was just wondering if there a less intrusive way . Thanks – questionersam Sep 13 '12 at 7:18

Although I have not found a way to do this either with sbt directly, you could try adding your default settings as symbolic links in /etc/skel/.sbt/plugins and store the actual default settings in (for example) /etc/sbt/settings/global.sbt.

Create a symbolic link to each file in /etc/sbt/settings/ to /etc/skel/.sbt/plugins and any new users will automatically get the global settings and any changes will be automatically propagated as well.

You will have to manually add the links to existing users though (unless there is a means of updating a user's home from the skeleton after their creation?)

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