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How to remove all characters between “<” and “>” including “<” and “>”?
How to fix this error when I try to get all substring between [“ and ”, (have code)?

I have string:

window.google.ac.h(["new yor",[["new york times",0,[]],["new york",0,[]],["new york city",0,[]],["new york university",0,[]],["new york school",0,[]]],{"j":"13","q":"ggIoEiJIv-q5I7KyDDspEWBWyH0"}])

I want these strings:

new yor
new york times
new york city
new york university
new york school

All these strings are betwent [" and ",

Is any way to do this?

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Your task can be effectivelly accomplished using regular expressions. Your regex could look like:


See it live here.

The (?<=\[") part is so called lookbehind, you say you are looking for anything that follows [". Then you simply take any characters except "

Extract from .NET Regex Reference:

(?<= subexpression) Zero-width positive lookbehind assertion.

[^ character_group ] Negation: Matches any single character that is not in character_group. By default, characters in character_group are case-sensitive.

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You need to use the .IndexOf("[\"") extension on the string that returns an int of the index of this item, then do the same for the other string.

Once you have a int of both indexes, you can .SubString it based on those indexes.

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