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I have custom template - to translate autogenerated views. There is for example a line:

echo "<?php echo \$this->Html->link(__('Lista " . $pluralHumanName . "'), array('action' => 'index')); ?>";

My models have english names (as cake's convention wants) but I want to use translated model names in auto created views. For example in Title Model I was trying to declare:

$pluralHumanName = 'Stanowiska';

but generated view files always have english name... and I have to translate each file manually. Is there a way to translate/change $singularHumanName and $pluralHumanName ?

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why are you double-translating then?

 __('Lista " . $pluralHumanName . "')

the __() already translates. So you try to translate your translated string a second time (without having the translated strings in your po then of course).

You should stick with the english words in your __() and then put your "Lista" and other translated strings in your po file.

Or just:

'Lista " . __($pluralHumanName) . "'

without the __() around. The __() for $pluralHumanName, though, translates right away in your template and will become the your desired name (hardcoded). But as I mentioned above, you usually don't go that way!

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