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For a django project, I plan to store jpegs into a cassandra database. What is the best way to serve images for a web site ? I already planned to build my own wsgi module, but is there a better way : does a nginx or apache module exists for that ?

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We serve small files ( < 5 MB ) from Cassandra using PHP with a caching layer (both disk and in-memory, e.g. Varnish).

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Astyanax supports file streaming into and out of cassandra.

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You can use openresty and the Lua CQL client that I have developed.

Usage would be something like this:

cassandra = require("cassandra")
local session =
assert(session:connect("", 9042))
local rows, err = session:execute("SELECT * from chunks where chunk_id = ?", {chunk})
if not rows or #rows == 0 then
  return ngx.exit(ngx.HTTP_NOT_FOUND)
local data = rows[1].data
ngx.header.content_type = "image/jpeg"
ngx.header.content_length = #data
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