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I want to make custom alarm app which play sound from media library in iphone. Play sound on date selected by the user on interruption by the local notification.

I want app similar to app on app store


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Consider reading the iOS App Programming Guide -> App States and Multitasking:

Read the following part: "Implementing Long-Running Background Tasks" and Playing Background Audio

You can't do that with normal local notifications, as they have a limit of 30 seconds and you cannot let the user choose the file. You have to import it in your app bundle and include it in your code!!!

I really think there is no other way then abusing the background audio playback system to keep your app running in the background, then present a local notification with no sound and play the sound out of a call in your background app with a system library (core audio etc...)

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Thanks for reply, but i have already read it.but i do not know how use it. did you see alarm app or not? if you saw it, you can understand what i want. – Hardeep Sep 10 '12 at 5:59
i really understand that what you want! And I know how to do it and I explained it to you. I cannot write the whole code. I think the App is playing a silent sound until the reminder will start (hack to stay background executed). Then a local push is sent and then the self choosen track is played. – Fab1n Sep 10 '12 at 8:16

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