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I've a list of dates below:

List<Datetime> listOfDates = new List<DateTIme>();

listofDates.add(new DateTime(2012,01,04));
listofDates.add(new DateTime(2012,01,05));
listofDates.add(new DateTime(2012,01,06));
listofDates.add(new DateTime(2012,01,31));
listofDates.add(new DateTime(2012,02,01));
listofDates.add(new DateTime(2012,02,28));
listofDates.add(new DateTime(2012,03,01));
listofDates.add(new DateTime(2012,03,16));

I need to filter the above list by month range as below:

var filterdListByMonth = listofDates.Where(x.DateTime.Month => 1 and x.DateTime.Month <=2).ToList();

But this doesn't seem to return right result. Could someone please help?

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Am I missing something or it would be more like var filterdListByMonth = listofDates.Where(dt => dt.Month => 1 && dt.Month <=2).ToList(); ? – trakos Sep 9 '12 at 11:28
Maybe you should use >=, not =>, as greater or equal operator, shouldn't you? – horgh Sep 9 '12 at 23:54

If you fix the compiler errors it works as expected:

List<DateTime> listOfDates = new List<DateTime>();
listOfDates.Add(new DateTime(2012, 01, 04));
listOfDates.Add(new DateTime(2012, 01, 05));
listOfDates.Add(new DateTime(2012, 01, 06));
listOfDates.Add(new DateTime(2012, 01, 31));
listOfDates.Add(new DateTime(2012, 02, 01));
listOfDates.Add(new DateTime(2012, 02, 28));
listOfDates.Add(new DateTime(2012, 03, 01));
listOfDates.Add(new DateTime(2012, 03, 16));
var filterdListByMonth = listOfDates.Where(date => date.Month >= 1 && date.Month <= 2);

// Outputs each date except the two in March.
Console.WriteLine(String.Join(Environment.NewLine, filterdListByMonth));
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