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I am trying to work out the best way to implement a form in django that has two choice fields on it, one of which affects the choices available in the other. An example - form field one is a radio button (can choose only one option) called 'cuisine', and the second is a multichoice field called 'menu'. If you choose 'french' from 'cuisine' then you get french dishes in the menu list, but if you choose 'chinese' you get a different selection.

How do I work this server-side in the form validation process. How do I 'bind' the two controls so that only dishes related to the cuisine option are accepted?

And how do I render this - should I pass in a ModelForm for each type of cuisine, or have a single menu ModelForm that has everything in it, and just show/hide stuff on the client-side?

All of the menu options are stored in the db and loaded in as fixtures, and the cuisines are hard-coded into the app:

CUISINE = ((0,'French'),(1,'Chinese'),(2,'Italian'))

class MenuItem(models.Model):
    description = models.CharField(max_length=200)
    cuisine = models.IntegerField('Cuisine', choices=CUISINE)
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  1. For rendering, you can use django-selectable or django-autocomplete-light,

  2. For server side validation, django has it completely documented.

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