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I am learning c#! I wonder if there is a way to define a Class property which represents a XML-element and how it is possible to read the property from a XML file!

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Assuming you have such Xml File:

<ExampleTag1>Hello from Minsk.</ExampleTag1>
<ExampleTag2>Hello from Moskow.</ExampleTag2>

You can create something like this:

public class Class1 : IDisposable
        private string filePath;
        private XDocument document;

        public Class1(string xmlFilePath)
            this.filePath = xmlFilePath;
            document = XDocument.Load(xmlFilePath);

        public XElement ExampleTag1
                return document.Root.Element("ExampleTag1");

        public void Dispose()

And then use it:

new Class1(filePath).ExampleTag1.Value;
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Well you can certainly declare a property of type XElement:

public class Foo
    public XElement Bar { get; set; }

And you can read it from an XML file using code like this:

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load("file.xml");
Foo foo = new Foo();
foo.Bar = doc.Root; // The root element of the file...

Obviously you can get at other elements, e.g.

foo.Bar = doc.Descendants("SomeElementName").First();

... but without a more specific question, it's hard to give a more specific answer.

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