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I wonder if it’s possible using nServiceBus to subscribe to all Messages of a Type without specifying the publisher’s end point.

The Background for this, is a distributed algorithm, that uses the distributor infra structure of nServiceBus to delegate sub problems to distributed workers on the network.

After a task is finished, the worker should send a message to notifying the sender.

I could use IBus.Reply() to notify it but I have also some monitoring and logging services, which are also interested in those messages. Making the sender republish all received replied doesn’t sound right.

Can I subscribe to a message from multiple publisher in nServiceBus?

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You're exactly right to use IBus.Reply - simple and works.

In order to do logging/monitoring, you'd specify where you want each endpoint to forward the messages it receives as follows:

<UnicastBusConfig ForwardReceivedMessagesTo="audit@endpoint">

That way the request at the worker will be sent there, as well as the reply that arrives at the sender.

Does that answer your question?

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Thanks for the answer. It answers the question very well. –  Mouk Aug 6 '09 at 22:38

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