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I wish button1 to edit Label 'etykietka' when clicked, but i don't know how. Have you got some ideas?

class Zastepstwa (App):

def build(self):
    layout = BoxLayout(orientation='vertical')
    etykietka = Label(text='aa', font_size=10)
    button1 = Button(text='aa')
    return layout

def callback (instance):
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you need to pass your label to callback, a nice way to do it is to use the partial function

from functools import partial

change callback signature for

def callback(label, instance, *args):

then bind the callback like this

button1.bind(on_press=partial(callback, etykieta))

that should do it.

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Well, i have callback method in the same class, so i wrote sth like that: "button1.bind(on_press=partial(self.callback, etykieta))", (also added 'self' arg in callback), and python gives mi error. Why? –  user1433733 Sep 10 '12 at 16:52
Well I have it. Thank You! –  user1433733 Sep 11 '12 at 4:29

Also, make sure you have the callback function indented and directly after the build function. Otherwise the callback function won be recognized in the bind statement.

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